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The Atomic King Daidogan Community


Atomic King Daidogan @ LiveJournal
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Welcome to the community for Nathan Maurer's kickass manga, Atomic King Daidogan!

I am currently working on the bio, but here are some of the rules:
1. Only post things relevant. If it has anything to do with Nathan Maurer or AKD, that's fine. If not, sorry, don't post here. [NOTE] Community pimpage is allowed, IF it has anything to do with manga/Tokyopop/etc.
2. Put all spoilers under a cut with a clear warning. We don't want people to be sad because of spoilerage. D:
3. Put all fanfics under a cut and include the title/rating/length/character/pairing/etc. |D
4. Same goes with icons.
5. And fanart. Which also needs to include a rating so people don't get in trouble by mistake. :O
6. Please, PLEASE DON'T make a post talking entirely like Goto. A little bit is allowed, but we really don't want anyone losing brain cells trying to understand what you're talking about. ;P

Atomic King Daidogan (C)Nathan Maurer/Tokyopop
atomic king daidogan, dragon noodle, dynomite dx, engrish, giant robots, goto onishi, kafosumi, naoko, nathan maurer, neo-tokyo, pimp king oboe, tokyopop